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Chapter 583 To Live Like A Spoilt Brat

  • Pushing Qi Bingying aside, Han Jingru got up and headed to the window. It was late at night, which was the time he would start worrying about Han Xiang. Has she been sleeping well? How is her appetite? He was worried about Su Yimo too. Han Jingru feared that she would miss Han Xiang so much that she wouldn't be able to sleep.
  • “I'll bring you around and introduce some people to you tomorrow. They're the rich kids of Chinese District,” Qi Bingying said while looking into Han Jingru's eyes. She hadn't given up just yet, considering her many previous failures. If she didn't have an iron resolve, she might have lost hope long ago.
  • “Sure,” Han Jingru said.
  • Qi Bingying wiped the tear streaks from her face before leaving his house.
  • Han Jingru didn't walk her home. He had to maintain some distance between himself and Qi Bingying. If he faltered, it might give Qi Bingying false hope.
  • Back home, Qi Bingying locked herself in her room.
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