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Chapter 576 Removing The Management

  • Even though Yuan Ling had always denied what Han Jingru told her, she had a feeling that reality would slap her in the face.
  • Otherwise, why would Han Jingru be treated with so much respect by the Han family? He must be an extremely important figure to them.
  • They arrived at the dining hall to see Han Tong alone. She dismissed the rest of the family members so they would not see her being subordinate to Han Jingru.
  • Many were already unhappy when Han Tong knelt in front of Han Jingru previously. While it did not matter to her, she did not want history to repeat itself.
  • Han Jingru immediately sat at the head of the table, which caused Yuan Ling to frown.
  • That seat belonged to Han Tong. However, Han Jingru treated himself as the master of the house even though he was just a guest!
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