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Chapter 567 A Strong Willed Woman

  • In Han Jingru's opinion, even if Yuan Ling didn't give up immediately, she wouldn't be able to persevere for too long. After all, she was just a girl. How would she be able to persist with such a labor-intensive task?
  • Alas, her determination exceeded his expectations.
  • As she moved the items into the house one by one, blisters started forming on her hand. However, she kept going.
  • This rather surprised him. He had never expected her to be so strong-willed. It seemed like the thought of giving up never crossed her mind.
  • With a towel, she started wiping off the blood that had erupted from her blisters. Witnessing this, he couldn't help but say, “Just give it up already. What's the point of torturing yourself like that?”
  • She hung her head low as her eyes started brimming with tears.
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