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Chapter 563 What Kind Of Powerful Person

  • Qi Bingying shook her head, disinterested. Auctions like those meant nothing to her. Those were just avenues for people to show off their wealth, and she couldn't spark her interest at the mention of a powerful figure.
  • Her every thought was occupied by Han Jingru, to the point where she wouldn't bother if the other man wasn't him.
  • “Oh right, remember to dress up nicely. What if the powerful figure takes a fancy to you?” Qi Donglin reminded.
  • Qi Bingying muttered inwardly. How could that be possible? It was impossible for her to like that person, no matter who he was.
  • Qi Bingying knew that she was enthralled by Han Jingru, and that was a huge sin from the very beginning. But even if she knew that it was wrong, she still wanted to continue sinning. She didn't even want to change. Even if no good outcome could ever come out from it, she still wanted to try.
  • The bored Qi Bingying still went to the auction, but she dressed very plainly and wore a baseball cap. She looked just like an ordinary woman, unnoticeable in the crowd. Her glasses concealed her extraordinarily striking looks as well.
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