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Chapter 562 The Thoughts Of Qi Bingying

  • Nangong Bolin's words made Nangong Sun and Nangong Yan realize how seriously he treated this matter.
  • The two men never would've expected that there would be an outsider vying for the position of the head of the family. Moreover, it was someone whom Zhuang Tang admired.
  • This was a near-fatal blow to them.
  • After Nangong Bolin left, Nangong Yan said to Nangong Sun, “Don't tell me you didn't dare to touch him. After all, the position of the head of the family can't fall into the hands of someone from the Han family.”
  • Nangong Sun sneered, “If you want to target him, feel free to try. Grandpa has already said it very clearly. If you want to get thrown out of the Nangong family, don't drag me along.”
  • “Nangong Sun, are you compromising? Have you thought of what would happen if the Nangong family falls into Han Jingru's hands?” Nangong Yan coldly asked. He didn't dare to do anything on his own, but he could cooperate with Nangong Sun. And if anything bad happened, he could always put the blame on Nangong Sun. His plan was ingenious. Unfortunately, Nangong Sun wasn't fooled.
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