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Chapter 559 Taking Revenge For Nangong Kai

  • Nangong Sun didn't take Han Jingru seriously. Instead, he laughed at the latter with contempt. To him, Han Jingru's words were a testament to his incompetence. Han Jingru compromised as he couldn't take his revenge on him.
  • But what Han Jingru meant was that he wanted Nangong Sun to live in such torment that he would hope to die.
  • Nangong Sun didn't understand what Han Jingru meant, so he didn't understand the severity of the issue. When he finally did, it was already too late.
  • They found the cemetery where Nangong Kai's mother was buried by navigating a map.
  • It was in ruins, and the grass was overgrown. It took a lot of time and effort to find that tombstone where the weeds thrived. Clearly, since the day she was buried there, the Nangong Family never visited her.
  • Even though Nangong Kai was still alive, he wasn't allowed to visit his mother because he was acting dumb. If someone found out, it would blow his cover.
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