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Chapter 553 They Shared A Prison Cell

  • When Nangong Liuli was brought to the dungeon, she found herself locked in the same cell as Han Jingru.
  • This arrangement shocked Nangong Liuli. It also puzzled Hang Jingru. Have I done anything wrong to deserve this? Otherwise, why is Grandfather locking me up here?
  • “What happened?” Han Jingru started probing Nangong Liuli.
  • In fact, Nangong Liuli didn't have a clue about how this had happened.
  • She couldn't understand why Nangong Boling asked her to see Han Jingru. Even so, why must I be locked up alongside him?
  • “I have no idea. Grandfather asked me to keep an eye on you. I don't understand why I'm being locked up instead!” Nangong Liuli said in fear. She was worried that Nangong Boling was punishing her for something she had done. But until then, she had not done anything culpable. She also doubted it had anything to do with her rather messy private life; otherwise, she would have been locked much earlier. Why take action now?
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