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Chapter 548 Nangong Kai Plays Dumb

  • Han Jingru's words were like a hard slap to Nangong Sun, waking him up to the truth.
  • It was true that he now had grounds for contention with Nangong Yan. But how could Nangong Yan be so immoral? The fact that he had conceded on the arena floor showed that he was extremely wary of Han Jingru. He would only be rid of this threat after Han Jingru's death.
  • “I'll tell Grandfather this instant,” Nangong Sun said.
  • “It's no use,” Han Jingru called. He strongly suspected that Nangong Sun had lost a significant number of brain cells after returning home. How could he run to his grandfather without proof?
  • Nangong Sun's intelligence was not in decline. His mind was just in a state of complete mess and chaos, inhibiting his ability to think rationally. This implicated the matter of who would be next in line to lead the family, so hearing this news naturally made him uneasy.
  • “Why not? Once Grandfather learns that Nangong Yan is the one behind all this, he will release you and punish him instead,” Nangong Sun exclaimed.
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