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Chapter 535 My Granddaughter

  • Mo Lan suspected Jiang Yan because he viewed her as a threat. He had never let his guard down against her. He had stationed his hundred-strong security force around the villa assuming that would prevent her from trying anything funny. Yet, something like that still happened.
  • At that moment, besides the raging flames that were fueling his heart, he was also filled with remorse. If he had stayed faithfully beside Han Xiang every moment, this tragedy would never have happened!
  • More importantly, based on his impression of Ho Ting, it was highly unlikely that she had pulled off something like this. Without Han Jingru, she wouldn't be where she was today. What reason did she have to betray him?
  • Feeling the vice-like grip around her neck, she started grappling at his hands as she tried to break free. However, she was no match for his muscular arms. With her windpipe constricted, she could barely breathe, let alone speak.
  • Jiang Yan could only shake her head to convey her message.
  • Mo Lan released his grip slightly and allowed her to talk.
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