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Chapter 530 Insanity

  • “What's going on!” Mole, who saw this scene, was also horrified. He couldn't help but ask Number 12. Han Jingru had always dealt with his opponents easily. Why would he kneel in front of a dying old man?
  • “Mole, it seems that your brain is not working well. Have you forgotten why Jingru came to Terra Prison?” Number 12 said simply.
  • “Because of his...” Mole was stunned before he finished speaking. He looked at Han Xiuzhi in half shock and half happiness.
  • “This, is this Jingru's grandfather?” asked Mole.
  • Number 12 nodded. Although he hadn't seen the old man before, he was sure of Han Xiuzhi's identity. Besides, what reason did Han Jingru have to kneel down?
  • Mole took a deep breath and continued, “He is still alive. Jingru's trip was not in vain. Now he only needs to find a way to leave.”
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