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Chapter 503 A Slim Chance

  • Before he asked Han Jingru about his plan, Yan Qiong had already anticipated his answer. He had watched him grow up all these years; he knew Han Jingru much better than anyone else in the Han family.
  • “I have a very incomplete picture of the workings of Terra Prison. All I know for sure is that it is a terribly dangerous place. Even if one can succeed in getting in, the chances of leaving are far too slim to be comforting. I would put it at less than 1 percent,” analyzed Yan Qiong with a pensive look.
  • “Grandpa Yan, before I killed Han Long, what did you think of my chances?” asked Han Jingru with a laugh.
  • “Not a chance,” replied Yan Qiong tersely.
  • Han Jingru stretched out his hands and said, “This means a slim chance is good enough for me. At least I still stand a chance, right?”
  • This only won a wry smile from Yan Qiong. When confronted with a slim chance of success in any undertaking, many people would choose to back off. But not Han Jingru, who was both daring and optimistic. He had the strength of character to take chances, however slim, to do what he considered to be worthwhile.
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