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Chapter 50 Little Brother

  • Su Wenlun’s words were like a cold shower for Jiang Yan, taking away all of her fiery passion.
  • All of the fantasies in her mind that Han Jingru was some young lord from a wealthy family was completely shattered.
  • “And think about it, if he is really so wealthy, do you think he will buy a secondhand house? The two cars had completely emptied his bank account.” Su Wenlun continued.
  • Jiang Yan’s expression turned into a cold chill again. It seemed that as long as Han Jingru had money, she could put up a friendly face. If Han Jingru were to be a poor person, she would treat him as usual.
  • “And he didn’t have any money, how dare he disrespect me like that? Who did he think he is?” Jiang Yan fumed.
  • When Su Wenlun saw the abrupt change on Jiang Yan’s face, the man could do nothing but sigh. If he wasn’t one of a Su, Jiang Yan wouldn’t have married him. The man understood how much Jiang Yan cared about the materials. That woman does not care about the people and only money.
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