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Chapter 468 Tomb Excavation

  • After Han Li left, Shi Yan stared at the ruined shrine, her face streaked with tear stains. She had kept up the tradition of giving offerings to the ancestors in the shrine first thing in the morning, which was why she was reluctant to abandon the house. The last thing she saw coming was Han Li reducing the shrine to ruins.
  • None of the memorials were spared.
  • They could be restored in no time, but Han Li had already trampled the dignity of the Han family to dust.
  • Picking up Han Ying's broken memorial, Shi Yan hugged the pieces close to her chest. He was her one and only love, and even though he was deceased her loyalty to him had never wavered.
  • Shi Yan had never considered remarriage, despite her assets and pursuers. Betraying the Han family had never crossed her mind.
  • To her, the Han family was her only source of motivation to live. All she wanted was to restore the Han family to its former glory.
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