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Chapter 462 Am I Crazy

  • Su Yimo was in a daze after she learnt of Qi Bingying's true identity, her present troubles, and the collaboration between her and Han Jingru.
  • Su Yimo's face was stuck with an incredulous expression, her eyes dull and unblinking. She froze at the spot for some time.
  • I have always thought that Qi Bingying is from a poor family and that she has suffered tremendous hardships since young. I thought she has an inferior complex, that's why she doesn't dare reveal her beauty to the rest of the world.
  • But now, Su Yimo realized how foolish she had been. Qi Bingying's family was even wealthier and more prominent in the U.S. than the Su Family ever was.
  • A sudden thought flashed through Su Yimo's mind, causing her face to flush red. I used to change out her used toothpaste and shampoo with new ones behind her back, fearing that she would be too shy to tell me when they are used up.
  • This was so foolish of me! Qi Bingying has never needed my help! She is the real princess hidden among the commoners.
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