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Chapter 45 Rules

  • “Let go, do you think there is a place I, Kong Wu can’t go?” Kong Wu tapped his chest proudly.
  • After the couple dressed up, they drove towards the mansion on the middle hill.
  • On their way back, Kong Wu was a little high strung. The man kept praying to himself to not meet the owner of the place. Otherwise, it would be difficult to explain themselves.
  • The reason Genting residential area was classified the highest class wasn’t just because of the surroundings. The most important factor was that the residents here would not need to be bothered by anyone at all. Every unit of them had their own private region. And trespassing was a huge violation of the rule. Ever since the place was established, there was only one case of rule breaking. After all, most of the people that stayed there weren’t ordinary people and they respected the rules.
  • Before reaching the middle hill, the petite woman was just too excited. However, Kong Wu felt even more edgy. The man just had a bad hunch.
  • “This mansion is the largest unit in the entire Genting, right?” The woman asked impassionedly.
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