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Chapter 445 Spendthrift

  • Han Tong's behavior showed DI Yang that she did not care about Han Jia being placed in danger in the grand scheme of things.
  • She was ruthless when she wanted to accomplish something.
  • Di Yang was nonchalant to this. In fact, he admired Han Tong for it.
  • To Di Yang, even though Han Tong was just a woman, she was better poised than Han Jia to take over as the matriarch of the Han family.
  • Not only were Han Tong's capabilities beyond comparison, but she was also much more scheming and ruthless compared to Han Jia. Han Jia only enjoyed playing around and had no real abilities to help the family. As such, if the Han family landed in Han Jia's hands, the family would fall quickly.
  • It was said that a wealthy young master had recently appeared in Yun City. He had spent money like nobody's business. Within a month of arrival, he had expended more than a few hundred thousand just on welcome gifts to women around. Word of his act had spread around town as though he was a legend.
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