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Chapter 440 Lovey Dovey

  • “How much more?” Jiang Yan asked in a low voice.
  • The bald man smiled and said, “I'm sure money is no matter to you. What matters is that your troubles are gone, no?”
  • Jiang Yan was extremely calculative. Money was her everything. Even though she wanted to kill Han Jingru, she would not do it if the bald man asked for a lot of money.
  • “Don't even try to ask for too much. I can find anyone to kill him. If your prices are unreasonable, I will look for someone else,” Jiang Yan said.
  • The bald man stretched out his palms and held up five fingers.
  • He said, “Five hundred grand, no more, no less. You can always look for someone else if you trust them. However, I guarantee that you would not be able to find someone else as good as us. Only we can ensure that everything is done in absolute secrecy.”
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