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Chapter 422 Am I Hallucinating

  • To Su Huiqi, this matter was the biggest blow that she had ever suffered in her lifetime. It did not matter to her if others knew about it. Most importantly, she had learnt the truth now which brought her extreme pain. It had burst her bubble and forced her to face and accept the cold, hard truth.
  • She had always believed that Su Yimo was undeserving of the dowry which Su Yimo had only received out of pity from Shi Yan. Now that it turned out that Su Yimo was the intended recipient of the dowry, her dream had turned out to be a nightmare.
  • However, Su Huiqi was not one to give up easily. She was convinced that this terrible incident would be erased from her life once she successfully married into a rich family.
  • “Ruijin, as long as you help me to marry into a rich family, I will help you with whatever you need.” Su Huiqi replied in a determined tone.
  • Su Ruijun smiled. Given how unhappy Su Huiqi was, there was no doubt she would do whatever I ask of her. He would not lay out all his cards on the table now and would instead wait for an opportune moment to deal Han Jingru with a devastating blow.
  • “I know there is a man named Jiang Tao who hates Han Jingru to the bone. Try and get closer to this person” Jiang Tao's legs were broken by Han Jingru in an event organized by Kong Wu. This news was widely circulated among the rich kids and had reached Su Ruijun's ears long ago.
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