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Chapter 412 Suitors Fighting

  • “What...What are you doing?!”
  • Han Jingru looked at Qi Bingying in shock. He would feel immense pain even from a slight movement. If...If Qi Bingying wanted to be intimate with me, seems like I can only lie here and suffer?
  • “It's too cold here. Can't I get under the sheets to get some warmth? Do you think I would be so lowly as to do that? Do you think I am short of men, given my beauty?” Qi Bingying glared at Han Jingru as she said. His reaction made her a little disappointed. She knew that the more Han Jingru resisted her advances, the more Su Yimo meant to him.
  • Qi Bingying sometimes envied Su Yimo. Han Jingru would never betray Su Yimo no matter what temptations he was met with.
  • In a society such as today's, to meet a man like Han Jingru was truly a blessing. Qi Bingying would not think of anything else to describe him.
  • However, Qi Bingying did not know that Su Yimo was similarly invested in the relationship.
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