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Chapter 410 Surprising Amount Of Determination

  • As Di Yang's kick landed on Han Jingru, the latter flew towards the wall with speed and force. It felt as though the whole building shook and the walls cracked.
  • Han Jingru spat blood and fell onto the floor. Then he lay there motionless.
  • Qi Hu held his breath at this. Even though Han Tong said that she would not kill Han Jingru, he was not sure whether Di Yang would be able to control himself to ensure that Han Jingru survived. Furthermore, Han Jingru even provoked Di Yang deliberately earlier.
  • It was not impossible that Di Yang decided to strike harder after Han Jingru's provocation.
  • “Jingru!” Qi Hu yelled out.
  • Unlike Qi Hu, Han Tong was extremely calm. While she was indeed afraid that Han Jingru would die earlier, she trusted Di Yang.
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