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Chapter 400 A Full Time Toy Boy

  • For those flight attendants, dealing with these men were easy. After all, they were in the service industry themselves. These men only wanted to take advantage of them and unless they willingly gave permission, it brought no benefit to themselves at all.
  • Of course, there were a few flight attendants who locked onto their targets and chose to be initiative. Even though they were paid to come here, it didn't mean that each of them came only for the money; or to release their pent-up emotions; or to spice up their boring lives. Women were humans too after all, and they too had needs.
  • Qin Rou had very high standards, so no man in this nightclub would be of interest to her. After handling this pack of hungry wolves, she went to the section the nightclub staff had arranged for them to rest. Another colleague joined her at the same time.
  • “Chen Miao, why aren't you out there? Look at how much fun they're having?” Qin Rou watched the dance floor as she spoke to Chen Miao. Almost all her colleagues had three to four men attached to their sides. It was like they weren't worried that the men would take advantage of them. All of them were partying like there was no tomorrow.
  • Chen Miao extended both her legs, intentionally showing off her beautiful lines and said, “All these men aren't my targets.”
  • Qin Rou smiled saying, “A place like this is mostly filled with horny men. If you want a suitable target, I'm afraid this isn't the right place.”
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