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Chapter 40 Hassle

  • “Miss, please don’t cause trouble over here. Why not you take a look around, how can we find a seat for you? If you want to wait, please do so. If you aren’t willing, just go ahead and leave. We have more than enough customers.” The person behind the counter said arrogantly.
  • Su Yimo was so furious that she wanted to argue. What kind of nonsense was that? Just because they had a lot of customers and they didn’t need to serve with a good attitude? Since they offered a booking function, they should honor it.
  • Most importantly, Su Yimo was simply defending her right but she was being complained as causing trouble.
  • “I will not leave. What can you do?” Su Yimo put her hands beside her waist and said.
  • When Han Jingru saw that, he broke into a silent giggle. Su Yimo’s reaction was just like that of a child and she just couldn’t give them a harder time.
  • “Security, we have a situation here.” The person over the counter took out his walkie-talkie and said. She finally wanted to show Su Yimo some colors.
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