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Chapter 394 The Tian Family Steps Down

  • Tian Shuirou's face was burning like fire, but it was surprising that she, who had never been beaten, had not shed any tears! However, she showed an intense hatred in her eyes.
  • Tian Jingshuo stretched out his hands and wanted to touch Tian Shuirou's face, but he feared that touching her would cause more pain. So he was careful and kept a little bit of a distance.
  • “It's Grandpa's fault. I didn't protect you.” Tian Jingshuo said.
  • Tian Shuirou shook her head. She knew that Tian Jingshuo was also helpless in this matter.
  • “Grandpa, I don't blame you, but I must avenge. I know Jingru will help me.” Tian Shuirou asked as she looked at Tian Jingshuo intensely.
  • Tian Jingshuo sighed. With Han's Group current status, even Han Jingru could not stop them. And the person named Di Yang just now was just too strong and powerful. Even Han Jingru might not be his opponent. How could he avenge them?
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