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Chapter 389 What Happens When You Play Tricks

  • That stumped Han Jingru and Number 12. Judging by how the trees here were broken, taking one hit with their body would destroy their organs. It was impossible to take it.
  • “Don't worry. I didn't break the trees here in one hit. I am not as strong as you think.” He said humbly. Even so, it would be hard to take one hit like that.
  • “I'll do it.” Number 12 went up and steeled himself.
  • “Call me Qi Hu. If anything happens, tell the king of hell I did it. I want him to remember my name.” Qi Hu smiled.
  • Han Jingru could feel goosebumps creeping up on him. This guy is not going to show mercy. They were here to enlist the help of a master. Han Jingru didn't want them to fail. If Number 12 were to be heavily injured or die, that would be a loss for him.
  • “Why don't we change it up? Let's make a bet. If we win, you'll take us to your master. If we lose, we'll go away. What do you think?” Han Jingru proposed.
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