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Chapter 386 No Need For Explanation

  • Chen Ling and Qin Rou was summoned by the lady boss when it was about time to eat.
  • After calling them out, the lady boss privately lectured her daughter for leaving Han Jingru in the living room alone. Chen Ling was the one who invited Han Jingru, but now she neglected him when he came. It was unbecoming of her, the lady boss thought.
  • Han Jingru left a good impression on the lady boss, since she had seen him at his lowest. She might not know how he was doing now, but she thought he was living a better life, and that calmed her.
  • That boy who cried in the rain finally can stand on his own two feet. She was feeling like a mother who saw her son finally becoming a man. Only a parent could really know how it felt.
  • Chen Ling was thinking about the fact that Han Jingru was a gigolo as they ate. Even though she tried her best to understand his predicament, the thought of him porking with an old woman still disgusted her.
  • Aside from the lady boss starting a few conversations, the whole meal seemed depressed. The lady boss didn't ask Han Jingru to stay when he was going to leave after the meal. Her daughter was acting differently than she did in the day, so she had to ask about it.
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