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Chapter 383 Three Brothers

  • “Can you respect me a little, mom? I have a friend here.” Chen Ling grumbled.
  • The lady boss got more furious at this, so she yelled, “Look at you! You look like a thug! How can I even respect you when you look this way?”
  • “I'm leaving if you keep talking like that, mom.” Chen Ling said angrily.
  • “Well, go on then. Don't come back once you do. Let's see how you're going to survive the outside world.” The lady boss shouted with rage. Chen Ling befriended a lot of scoundrels and fashioned herself into a thug after she came of age. Every time the lady boss saw Chen Ling, she would fly into a rage. Every time her daughter brought her friends back to the shop, she would inevitably feel annoyed.
  • “I'm not a bad guy, Mrs. Chen.” The boy told the lady boss pitifully.
  • The lady boss looked at the boy. She didn't know if he was good or bad, though his image was already offending her. “You could have been wearing suits, but you chose to wear a ring around your nose instead. What? Are you trying to be a cow?” The lady boss said coldly.
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