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Chapter 381 Fighting Alone

  • The passengers didn't realize what he wanted to do. A moment later, Han Jingru quickly kicked the burly foreigner before him. He struck him easily, and after the foreigner took a few heavy steps back, he fell with a thud.
  • All the passengers gasped in shock, for they did not expect him to suddenly attack.
  • H-He made the first attack? Doesn't he know there are a lot of them? And yet he attacks them first? Is he expecting the other passengers to help him?
  • The flight attendant looked at Han Jingru in shock. The sudden attack stupefied and rooted her to the ground. She was at a loss now.
  • No wonder he told me he doesn't want to be blacklisted. Fighting on a plane is a dangerous act.
  • The flight attendant glanced at the sky marshal, but he didn't stop them. From the looks of it, he wasn't planning on stopping this.
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