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Chapter 380 I Am Not Crying

  • “Did Han Jingru tell you anything?” Jiang Yan asked quickly.
  • Su Yimo nodded. “He has a plan. It's hard, but I know he can do it.”
  • “What's the plan?” Jiang Yan listened intently. If she could find out about the plan, Jiang Yan would have a bargaining chip in her negotiation with Han Tong.
  • “It's a secret. I can't tell you that.” Su Yimo bit into her dumpling as she mumbled.
  • “It's our family's secret, so you don't have to keep it from us. Besides, we can think of a way to help hm. Two heads are better than one. Your father and I can chip in too.” Jiang Yan said.
  • Su Wenlun said nothing. He thought this had nothing to do with him, but when he felt Jiang Yan stepping on him, he knew this was his time to speak.
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