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Chapter 377 I Want Han Jingru Dead

  • Back in Peninsula Hotel, the bored Han Tong received a shocking news: Jiang Yan was coming to see her.
  • Han Tong had investigated everyone related to Han Jingru after she came to Yun City. She knew Jiang Yan was his mother-in-law, so this sudden visit was quite perplexing for her.
  • “Miss, she calls herself as Han Jingru's ex mother-in-law. Is she here to cut ties with him?” Han Qing smiled. She was amused by how Jiang Yan called herself. Ex mother-in-law, huh? How much does she want to cut ties with him?
  • “She's an extremely selfish person from what I know. It's natural she wants to cut off ties with Han Jingru. However, I don't think this visit is as simple as it looks.” Han Tong frowned. She likes to 'make friends' with selfish people, since they have more weaknesses, making them easier to manipulate.
  • “Should I let her in, Miss?” Han Qing asked.
  • “Let her in. I'm getting bored, so let's use her to kill some time.” Han Tong said.
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