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Chapter 376 Beautiful Skin

  • Mo Lan was like a god for Yang Xing. He was astonished that the man before him knew a top dog like Mo Lan. This piece of knowledge was both shocking and terrifying for Yang Xing, since he had tried to attack Han Jingru before.
  • Han Jingru said nothing. He took out his phone and called Mo Lan. “Come to the urban village when you have time.”
  • Mo Lan only said yes before Han Jingru hung up. There was no further conversation. It looked as if Han Jingru was ordering Mo Lan around.
  • Fear started spreading through his soul, while his heart was starting to pound. Even his breathing was getting ragged.
  • “He'll be here soon. Having a little chat will help in future collaborations.” Han Jingru told Yang Sing.
  • Yang Xing gulped reflexively, feeling like he was dreaming. It was impossible for someone like him to even meet Mo Lan, but now that chance was sitting right in front of him.
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