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Chapter 371 Two Slaps

  • Shi Yan stared blankly in the courtyard for quite some time.
  • Yan Qiong's words left a strong impact in her to the extent they swayed her determination slightly.
  • But after a while, the stare of Shi Yan became firmer.
  • “As a member of the Han family, those were part of Han Jingru's responsibilities. My selfishness was for the Han family and not for me.” Shi Yan said to her herself while gritting her teeth. She found herself a so-called decent excuse as she did not want to admit that all she had done was in her own interest.
  • Once a member of the Han family, he would always carry the spirit of the Han family!
  • If he could not shoulder the responsibilities of the Han family, then he should not carry the surname Han.
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