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Chapter 367 The Guts To Step Up

  • “Wu Feng, this trash wouldn't dare lifting a hand against you. He's the one young miss wants to deal with.” Han Qing sniggered slightly at the side of the ring.
  • After hearing this, the resentment in Wu Feng's gaze intensified. He laughed while saying, “So it's this loser who is wasting the young miss’s time. I could crush you like a bug, so I suggest you do as the young miss says. Or else, I'll make you suffer a fate worse than death.”
  • Han Jingru's whole body stretched taut with restraint. Throughout these three years, he had been a victim to all kinds of insults and mistreatment, but he'd gotten used to bearing it. However, this still greatly offended him.
  • Of course, not all the provocative comments offended him. For a person as composed as Han Jingru, a few sentences couldn't incite his anger. But the actual reason he felt offended was because of Han Tong's request.
  • To change his surname.
  • On what grounds did she have the right to demand him to change his surname. All this was just an act of bullying.
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