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Chapter 365 The Chairman Is A Loser

  • There were a lot of people eyeing Su Yimo in Yun City now. Mo Lan wasn't trying to scare him.
  • Su Yimo had a lot of clout as Yun City's top beauty. Even though rumor had it that someone prettier than her had shown up, most didn't really see her. To them, Su Yimo was still the top beauty.
  • The Su Family's company was also developing well in Yun City. As its chairperson, Su Yimo would have even more suitors. A beautiful, successful, and single woman would of course have her own suitors.
  • The point here was that Jiang Yan had spread the news that she was still a virgin. Someone as perfect as Su Yimo was still a virgin was just impeccable for all the men.
  • Han Jingru didn't care about this though. He trusted Su Yimo, for they had gone through three years together, so not everyone could get in their way.
  • Mojo opened its doors for business at nine in the evening, but there was a long line when it was eight thirty. No other nightclub in Yun City could do this.
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