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Chapter 362 I Am A Thousand Times Better Than That Loser

  • Su Yimo and Shen Zhuoman came out from the company hand in hand after their work was done. It was normal, since they had shared many years of friendship, and it wasn't jarring that two women were holding hands as they walked around. The same thing couldn't be said for men.
  • Shen Zhuoman was taken aback when she saw a luxury car stopping in front of the company. She didn't think the owner was here for her, but it was unbelievable that someone was here for Su Yimo right after her divorce was announced.
  • “You still got it, Yimo. Someone's coming after you right after your divorce.” Shen Zhuomans smiled.
  • Any other women would feel happy over this, but Su Yimo thought this wasn't a happy occasion. Instead, it would bring a lot of troubles for her. Even if she was divorced, that was done out of Han Jingru's wish to protect her. She wouldn't accept any other men's pursuit now.
  • Han Jia was standing beside the door. A handsome man and a luxury car quickly became a scene everyone would stop to look. Many female staffs of the company were envious of Su Yimo. Everyone wanted their boyfriend to be rich and handsome, but they knew the man was here for their chairperson. All they could do was stand by and watch.
  • Han Jia went to buy a new car to woo Su Yimo. A car like this was nothing to him. He had dozens of luxury cars back in his garage in the US, most of them limited edition. Han Jia was someone who had driven all of the top luxury cars in the world.
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