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Chapter 360 Ludicrous Joke

  • “I was a bit too excited just now, Mr. Zhong. Please forgive me for talking out of place.” Liu Guofeng apologized to Zhong Ji. He was arrogant at first, but after being reminded by Zhong Ji, he knew that his actions were stupid. Even if he didn't want to work with Rumo Real Estate, there was no need to make enemies out of them.
  • His company wasn't looking good either. The bigger companies in this industry were already working with the Han Group now. He was facing a lot of pressure, so if he made enemies out of Rumo Real Estate, his company would face ruin quicker.
  • Zhong Ji sneered. “I'll tell my boss about you calling him a coward. As for what you'll choose, well, that's up to you.” After that, he left the room.
  • Han Jingru stood quietly beside Zhong Ji throughout the whole conversation. Even so, through what Liu Guofeng had shown him, he could see that people like them were scared of the Han Group. They wouldn't work earnestly with Rumo Real Estate.
  • “He would probably work with us, young master.” Zhong Ji told him after they got back to the car.
  • Han Jingru looked outside the window. “Collaboration like this means nothing. He might backstab us at any time.” He said.
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