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Chapter 356 Rumors

  • Jiang Yan felt delighted when she saw her friends looking so scandalized. Even though Han Jingru's reputation would be ruined after they spread the news, she managed to protect her daughter's image. Nobody would think that she was the one to dump Han Jingru. Being the weaker side would garner more sympathy for her, so Su Yimo wouldn’t be criticize.
  • Jiang Yan didn't care how bad Han Jingru would get, since she had no plans of having him to remarry her daughter. She believed that he wouldn't refute all the names he would be called for the sake of protecting Su Yimo.
  • “That's how men are. I can't do anything. Didn't expect a loser like him to do something like this.” Jiang Yan lamented.
  • “Han Jingru must have done this because he thought he has a great relationship with the Tian Family. He thinks he's so great, huh?”
  • “He has been relying on his wife and the Su Family for his livelihood for so many years. Ungrateful, I’d say.”
  • “This is a good decision. I bet he'll go there again and again. Do not allow her to be trampled, Jiang Yan. I feel sorry for Yimo though, cheated on by trash like this.”
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