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Chapter 338 Attending The Wedding

  • “You won't turn out that way, right?” Han Jingru asked Su Yimo after he had parked his car and noticed the middle-aged women at the front door who looked like peacocks.
  • Su Yimo pinched Han Jingru's waist with all her might, and it made him gasp.
  • “Do I look like that kind of woman to you?” She asked him angrily.
  • Knowing he had said something wrong, Han Jingru quickly denied it, “No, no, of course not. It was just a little poke. Don't get too serious about it.”
  • Su Yimo snorted. “You'd better think before you speak from now on. Or else you risk incurring my wrath.”
  • Han Jingru smiled bitterly as he confirmed once more that women were more capricious than the weather was.
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