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Chapter 337 Beautiful Whisper

  • “Can you even refuse her?” Han Jingru smiled.
  • “Why can't I? I can choose to not attend.” Su Yimo pouted.
  • Han Jingru licked his lips reflexively when he saw her pouting. “Mother must have her own plan by asking us to attend it with her. She'd be unhappy if you don't fulfill her wish.” He said.
  • Su Yimo knew her mother must have some other plans in store, or else she wouldn't ask her and Han Jingru to attend either. However, it was precisely because of that that Su Yimo was reluctant to oblige.
  • Han Jingru had a point though. If she refused, Jiang Yan would be unhappy, and Su Yimo thought it was easy to fulfill a little wish like this.
  • At this moment, Han Jingru's phone rang. Since Qin Fu was leaving, he had to report to Han Jingru before that.
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