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Chapter 327 The Consequences Of Revenge

  • Ho Ting smelled a strong alcoholic scent when she opened the door. She covered her nose but didn't see anyone there. When she turned around, she suddenly saw Han Jingru flopped on the floor
  • “Jingru, why did you drink so much?” Asked Ho Ting. In a hurry, Ho Ting bent down and carried Han Jingru back to the living room. Luckily she was strong enough to carry him as she had done years of laborious training.
  • A pungent smell filled up the living room. Ho Ting flustered to the kitchen to make some honey tea for Han Jingru to sober up.
  • Jiang Sheng went to the living room right at that moment. His eyes lighted up when he saw Han Jingru was drunk.
  • “Han Jingru, are you ok?” Jiang Sheng asked, standing beside the sofa.
  • A vicious look suddenly sparked up in Jiang Sheng's eyes. His time for revenge had come! Han Jingru was as drunk as a skunk. No one would ever know if he hit him now.
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