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Chapter 324 They Have The Same Life Path

  • While Han Jingru was heading towards the martial club, a private plane landed at Yun City.
  • A glamorous woman in her mid-thirties, click-clacked down the stairway with her stiletto. Several bodyguards were around her.
  • She was cold and arrogant with a flawless hourglass figure, surrounded by a haughty and condescending aura. She was supercilious to the extreme.
  • Only a powerful and prominent family could raise one with such an imposing character and vigorous disposition.
  • “Ms. Han, when would you like to meet him?” Asked the assistant beside her.
  • Han Tong smiled snobbishly and said, “A son from a collateral family is not worth me going to him. If it wasn't for him, how would I be in this crappy old town! Now, find him, and bring him to me in the shortest time possible. I want to waste no time.”
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