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Chapter 320 Shameless Family

  • Jiang Sheng was intimidated when he saw Han Jingru. He was taken aback suddenly; he could still remember how Liu Hua had died in front of him. He was scared to the bones even until now.
  • Shu Fang also restrained herself and walked quietly to Jiang Wan as if to seek protection.
  • Jiang Wan used to be proud in front of Han Jingru and Su Yimo because of Liu Zhijie. But after the incidents in Bin County, she finally realized her difference from Su Yimo. She didn't even have the courage to face Su Yimo and Han Jingru anymore.
  • She wouldn't even have come to Yun City if it was not because of his Grandpa, Jiang Hong. She was ashamed to be there.
  • Han Jingru's face sank immediately when he saw Ho Ting sat on the floor. He knew the Jiang family would cause some troubles when they were here, but he had never expected it to happen so fast.
  • “Aunt Ho, who did this?” asked Han Jingru as he walked beside her.
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