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Chapter 319 I Do Not Have A Choice

  • After the charity event, Peng Fang held Han Jingru's hand tightly to express her appreciation and gratitude for his help in growing the Love Home. That was a big load off her mind for now.
  • For Han Jingru, it was just an easy task; he was embarrassed that Peng Fang kept thanking him. His contributions to Love Home were minor compared to what Peng Fang herself had done.
  • “Sister Peng, I'm also a member of Love Home. If you keep doing this, I will not go again,” said Han Jingru with a wry smile.
  • Peng Fang held back her words and said, “Alright, alright. I'll not say anymore. Come to Love Home more often. The children miss you a lot!”
  • “I will,” answered Han Jingru.
  • Outside the clubhouse, Han Jingru sent Peng Fang off. Meantime, he saw Shen Zhuoman dragging Qi Pingying away. Shen Zhuoman was a girl who spoke her mind. She probably brought Qi Pingying somewhere to have a private talk now.
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