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Chapter 311 Leadership

  • After Tian Shuirou got home, Tian Jingshuo was drinking tea in the living room. The man was acting all leisurely at it was obvious that he was waiting for his granddaughter.
  • When Tian Shuirou saw her grandpa sizing her up, she purposefully ignored the man and strode into her bedroom.
  • When Tian Jingshuo saw that, he became anxious. The man was still waiting to find out what happened during the meal. How could he let Tian Shuirou go back to her room without giving him a summary?
  • “My darling, do you want to try grandpa's new tea?” Tian Jingshuo asked.
  • “Are you offering me to try your tea or do you need me to talk to you about the meal?” Tian Shuirou stopped by her steps and asked.
  • When Tian Jingshuo's intention was exposed, he answered awkwardly, “This old man is just caring for you. Hurry and tell grandpa what happened.”
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