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Chapter 303 The Qi Young Lady

  • "Miss, these branded clothes are not for tryons. Did you not see the signboard before entering the door?" The shop assistant walked towards Qi Pingying and said in disdain. She leered at Qi Pingying and wondered where that country bumpkin came from. Did she not know that a customer must not try on luxurious goods?
  • When the classy lady heard Qi Pingying, she couldn't help but broke into a laughter. The woman then snickered, "Hey, girl with the glass, you have entered the wrong place. You should hurry and get back out. This place isn't suitable for people like you."
  • Qi Pingying turned over and sized the classy lady from head to toe. After that, she said, "Is this place only suitable for cheap whores like you?"
  • The classy lady's face turned black and she pointed at Qi Pingying and fumed, "Bitch, Who did you say is a cheap whore? You better be careful with your words!"
  • "I was saying you. Do you disagree?" Qi Pingying answered back indifferently.
  • "Bitch, are you courting death? I shall satisfy you!" The classy lady gritted her teeth and stormed towards Qi Pingying.
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