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  • Yun City.
  • Su Ruijin's company was established and he had taken in all of the original workers from the Su company. It was just like moving the company. Aside from the address, everything else remained.
  • However, Su Ruijin just couldn't get into a good mood. The man was hoping that the incident in the Public Square could grim Su Yimo down completely. However, the outcome was a great shock. She did not embarrassed herself and she became the hottest topic in Yun city. For the past few days, Yun city had a huge earthquake. All of those old men that appeared in the Public Square, including Jiang Fu were declaring bankruptcy. And that was merely happening in just a few days.
  • "Ruijin, where did all those people from the Su company come from? It was as if they appeared out of thin air!" Su Huiqi sat in Su Ruijin's office and said in puzzlement. The Public Square incident did not humiliate Su Yimo and Su Huiqi was still looking forward to her company going bankrupt to rub it in her. However, the Su Company did not end up getting crushed, they were even rising rapidly. Almost all of the assets and businesses from Jiang Fu and his group of men were controlled by the Su company.
  • Now that in Yun city, no one could compare with the Su company aside from the Tian family. That frustrated Su Huiqi greatly.
  • Su Ruijin didn't know where those people came from. However, he knew that Han Jingru was the person that made the arrangements behind the scenes. Only that ousted kid from Han family could do that.
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