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Chapter 297 Kill Him If You Dare

  • Lu Fung was trembling in fear. If Han Jingru was on the verge of dying, then maybe he wouldn't have any survivors in his Lu family after this night.
  • At that time, Lu Fung was the only one that knew how much he regretted his actions.
  • The man hoped that everything was just a dream. How great would it be if none of these ever happened. Regrettably, he still needed to face the reality.
  • "Released Han Jingru right now." At that time, number 12 said.
  • When Lu Shun heard that, he leered at number 12 in disdain and said coldly, "Who do you think you are? Who gives you the right to order me?"
  • When Lu Fung heard that, his body tensed up like a rock. If Lu Shun were to speak to number 12 with that attitude, wasn't he just courting death?
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