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Chapter 295 Reaper

  • In the Public Square. Even when Han Jingru was facing someone as powerful as Jiang Fu, he had never compromised. Not only that, it was the other way round, that all the old dogs knelt before him, shocking the entire Yun city. The man would not kneel even before the gods. But now, he knelt before Lu Shun. That kind of humiliation would never happen in Han Jingru's life. However, for Su Yimo's sake, he could only do that. And he must do that.
  • "HAHAHA!" Lu Shun laughed hysterically. No kinds of torture had made him surrenders. But that woman could do it so easily. That just sent Lu Shun to cloud nine. The man said, "Han Jingru, aren't you the tough one? Why are you surrendering now? Why not you take few kowtows before we talk? And I will consider if I will let her go."
  • Han Jingru banged his head on the floor unhesitantly, making a huge sound.
  • "Lu Shun, as long as you are willing to let her go, I don't mind to smash my head. You won. You are the final winner. I surrender." Han Jingru said.
  • Lu Shun purposefully showed the phone screen to Su Yimo and said, "Look at this trash of a man. Now that he is kneeling and apologizing to me. Why are you following such a trash? If you follow me, I will show you the real upper-class life. How about it?"
  • Su Yimo was in such heart wrenching pain and she couldn't even breathe. All of her attention was on Han Jingru and the woman just couldn't hear anything anyone said. She sobbed, "Han Jingru, get up. Hurry and get up. I don't want you to kneel for him."
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