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Chapter 294 Kneel

  • "After the incident of the Crystal Restaurant, a lot of people were making fun of you and Han Jingru. Not only that, they were saying that the couple who proposed was doing that on purpose to mock you guys. Otherwise, why would they do it during your wedding anniversary? Who would have thought that the two of you were the one that did it all along? If those people that made fun of you knew that, they would be jealous." Shu Tong smiled bitterly. She was one of them that gossiped about Su Yimo. And now, her feelings represented a good majority of that group.
  • "He has never cared about how others see him. And I am the same." Su Yimo said.
  • "But you have such an excellent husband. Don't you want everyone else to know?" Shu Tong asked in puzzlement. If it was her, she would just get Han Jingru to play the piano in the mall every day. She would simply stand quietly beside Han Jingru and enjoyed herself with those jealous gazes from other women.
  • Su Yimo shook her head. Han Jingru had yet to tell her his real identity. Therefore, Su Yimo felt that he must have something he needed to do. And he needed to do that while hiding his real identity. Knowing that, Su Yimo would not be publicizing him.
  • "And I am afraid others will snatch him away from me." Su Yimo answered.
  • Shu Tong nodded in agreement. That truly made sense. Because right now there were a lot of wealthy young ladies looking for Han Jingru. If they knew that Han Jingru was actually the piano prince, they would probably try everything to steal him away from Su Yimo.
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