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Chapter 292 Torture

  • "Then what should I do now? Can't I do anything at all?" Su Yimo broke into tears in panic.
  • At that time, Yang Chen's phone rang. When he saw that it was Han Jingru's number calling back, he hurriedly made a gesture to shush Su Yimo.
  • After Su Yimo suppressed her sobbing, Yang Chen accepted the call and turned on the speaker.
  • "Hey pretty, if you want to save your man, you better come to my house. Otherwise, I can't guarantee what I will be doing to him. He is lying in front of me like a dog. Do you want to hear his voice?"
  • After Lu Shun said that, he started beating up Han Jingru. They were able to hear the sound of pounding, but they didn't hear any cries of pain coming from Han Jingru.
  • "F**k you, acting tough? Let's see how tough you can be!" Lu Shun's intention was to let Han Jingru made some noise in order to make Su Yimo worried and came forward herself. However, he hadn't expected that after he used up all his strength, Han Jingru could grit his teeth and took it all in.
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