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Chapter 290 Risk

  • Su Yimo would never ask questions regarding Han Jingru's matter. She knew that Han Jingru wasn't as free as he presented. The entire Yun city thought that he was a trash that do house chores at home. However, after seeing how Han Jingru knew Molan and several other powerful people, she could tell that he had been doing a lot of things in the secret. Otherwise, how could all of them had such a close relationship with Han Jingru?
  • When they reached the homestay, Han Jingru was pleasantly surprised. The place was far away from the central and it had beautiful scenery. Not only that, there weren't many people around and it was an ideal place.
  • Yang Chen could somewhat guess what Han Jingru was trying to do. The man should be worried about any possible accident and he prepared a safe house for Su Yimo.
  • "Follow me." Han Jingru told Yang Chen.
  • After the two of them left the bungalow, Yang Chen asked, "You instructed us to stay here because you are worried that Lu Shun would harm Su Yimo, right?"
  • Han Jingru nodded. He wouldn't mind to let Yang Chen knew about it and the man said, "I will be meeting Lu Shun tonight. I don't know If there will be any accident."
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